BMW K1200 RS Bobber

Make: BMW

Model: K1200 RS Bobber

Bike Type: BMW K1200 RS Bobber

Year: 2002

BUILT BY: Mark Holland

LOCATION: Woking, England


This is the start of my 2002 BMW K1200RS Bobber project this was my second build and luckily did not pay too much for the base bike and the engine was good. I did take a chance as it was not running when I bought it, it just needed a battery. Below are before and after pictures followed by a blog of the build process.

Build Time: 2 years

Motorcycle Cost: £400

How much was spent on the bike: £3500


After stripping down, the exhaust was my first focus. I could not find anything on the web as to what the inside of the exhaust looked like, there were no sectional drawings. Next best thing was to get the cutting grinder out and start cutting the exhaust to have a look. Even with the exhaust cut right down to the last stage the bike was still not too noisy. Then I just welded the end back on and had the Exhaust coated in a high temperature ceramic paint – result.

Choosing a tank was more of a challenge. I went through three different tank styles before finalising the design and theme I wanted.

I finally chose a Honda 600N tank as it had loads of space underneath to fit the external fuel pump and hide the wiring. The ABS was completely removed and new Venhill brake lines fitted.

The seat is from a Triumph bobber and did not need any modification other than making up a sub frame. After making a mock-up to get the heights right I designed the final seat support subframe. This was made up from laser cut plates welded and powder coated the same colour as the wheels a Burnt Bronze.

The seat to tank cowling was made up from fiberglass. Initially I made a paper template the transferred that onto 0.75mm mild steel plate which I then cut and formed by hand. This formed the basis for the mould.

The handlebars were Renthal CR Tapers and I designed the trees and had them machined from aluminium.

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