Moto Guzzi 850 T5 Cafe Racer

Make: Moto Guzzi

Model: 850 T5

Bike Type: Moto Guzzi 850 T5 Cafe Racer

Year: 1998

BUILT BY: Mark Holland

LOCATION: Woking, England


This 1975 Guzzi was built for a good friend, he provided the donor bike and paid for parts and materials. I just enjoyed building it and returning it to its owner. Helped me ignore this Covid thing… Below are before and after pictures followed by a blog of the build process.

Build Time: 8 Months

Motorcycle Cost: 4000

How much was spent on the bike: 1000


The first thing I did was start to decide on the style so bought a few tails pieces to hold up to the bike to see what it would look like. I finally settled on a Rickman styled tails with a few mods to make it follow the tank lines. I needed a subframe which I made from mild steel angle. The LED taillight / brake light needed to be recessed into the cowl so I fabricated a fiberglass recess cup to take it.

The front mudguard was from the Complete Café Racer but needed modification. I cut it to the style I was after and fabricated two support brackets.

The seat base was made from 20mm Ply. Used fiberglass to reinforce it and shape the edges where it butted onto the tank and rear cowl. The seat wass covered by Viking seats very tidy and excellent service.

The exhaust headers were a bit grim needed a good clean, this took a while, but I sanded and polished them up. All the black came off the pipes nicely and ended up on me. The Valve covers were Vapour Blasted by Cleenz in Sidcup. I had exhaust extensions made up by Ospipes which fitted perfectly. The Cone exhausts were from the Complete Café Racer.

The rear sets fitted without too much trouble. I need a few bushes made up and used bushes2u they supplied bespoke bushes in a few days and were dirt cheap. I can highly recommend them. I needed to shorten the gear lever and fit new gear linkage. I also needed a new rear master cylinder which I found on eBay. The blue tray was specially designed to keep oil off my driveway.


The rear indicators are there you just cannot see them; they are tube end indicators situated just under the seat cowl. The bar end mirrors (Not in these pics) are from Highsider with integrated Indicators. All the brake lines were replaced with Lines from Venhill.

Looking forward to my next project- maybe a Ducati DS1100.

Hope you have found this interesting and if you have any questions please just mail me at

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