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I have ridden bikes since I was 12 years old and that was a long time ago, and in recent years have become obsessed with rescuing and transforming old bikes and barn finds into what I perceive as works of art. I am not a professional builder just and old biker with passion. “Shed Builder” and this is who I am dedicating this site to. All the guys out there who cannot afford to just buy a £20K professionally built custom but those who have the enthusiasm, a welder and grinder and a lot of imagination that create bikes to be proud of. I think shed builders get a bad rap, but there is nothing more satisfying than building you own bike in your shed and when you take it down to the local bikes café for the first time people appreciate what you have achieved and created. Surprising that these are the bikes that attract the crowds and not the 30K Ducati that everyone has. Don’t get me wrong these bikes are also stunning, I ride a GS1250 Rallye, but there is something about customs.

So do a good deed for all those old bikes in need of rescue and get yourself a donor bike. Give it a try. You will find a huge community out there to support you.